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Al-Munjiyat - 5 re-prints and 32,000 copies sold

Al-Munjiyat – 5 re-prints and over 30,000 copies sold

Shaikh Dr Thaika Shuaib is a prolific writer and a keen advocate of Arwi or Arabic Tamil – the lingua franca of Tamil Muslims till recent times. He has published 8 books and booklets in English and Tamil. His first book, “Nithya Kadan”—a summary of Islamic laws in Tamil—was published when he was just 17. His works include:

  • ahsanu-l mawaiz wa azyanu-l malafiz, Kilakarai 1954
    Arabic to Arwi Translation work.
  • Arabic, Arwi and Persian in Sarandib and Tamilnadu, Madras 1993
    His 880-page research work in English (see next section).
  • Al-Munjiyat (A compendium of prayers), Kilakarai 2006
    A trilingual work in Arabic, Tamil and English.
  • Other English Works
    • If not for the Prophet, Kilakarai 1956
    • Sacred Hajj and Pious Ziyara, Unpublished
  • Other Tamil Works
    • Nithya Kadan (A summary of Islamic law according to the Shafi’i school), Kilakarai 1948
    • Maanbu Mikka Ramadan (A treatise on Ramadan), Kilakarai 1955
    • Nabi Thondri Iraa Vittaal (If not for the Prophet), Kilakarai 1955
    • Adhan – Iqamattin Sirappu (Virtues of the Call and Caller to Prayer), Chennai 1995
    • Punitha Haj: Azhagiya Vazhimurai (Sacred Hajj), Chennai 2007
Punitha Haj: Azhagiya Vazhimurai

Punitha Haj: Azhagiya Vazhimurai

He has also written various articles addressing the polemic of the methodologically challenged, who attack legitimate practices of Arwi Muslims. Most of these appear in the stupendous appendix of his research work. These include:

  • Secular Education vs Religious Instruction
  • Schools of Fiqh (Jurisprudence)
  • Men Covering the Head
  • Congregational Du’a (Supplication)
  • Kissing the Thumbs and Wiping the Eyes during the Adhan (Call to Prayer)
  • Reciting the Qur’an without Understanding – Will it benefit the Dead or the Living?
  • Wasila (Intercession)
  • Isaluth Thawab (Gifting of Deeds)
  • Bid’a (Innovation)
  • Talqin (Reminding the Dead)
  • Nazar (Vows)

In addition to the above, he has also collected, catalogued and preserved over 250 rare manuscripts in his library. Some of these have never before been published, while others have been long out of print.

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