Teaching and Propagation

Guest speaker at the "Sacred Path of Love" conference in Singapore in 2012

Guest speaker at the “Sacred Path of Love” conference in Singapore in 2013

While still attending high school, Shaikh Dr Thaika Shuaib began teaching Arabic at the Arusiyya Seminary. Upon completing his undergraduate studies, he taught at the Madrasa full-time. Over 1,200 students have acquired knowledge from him in the traditional manner. He has also supervised students at graduate and doctorate levels.

His involvement in the traditional family business of precious gems offered him extensive travel opportunities which he duly made use of to seek and disseminate knowledge. He has taken part in and led delegations to numerous seminars and conferences in India, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Taiwan, China, Japan, UK and USA. He has also undertaken lecture tours to Belgium, France, Iraq, Jordan and the UAE.

Being head of the Arusi-Qadiri Sufi order, he travels regularly to meet his disciples around the world, attend gatherings to commemorate the anniversaries of past Saints, and engage in inter-faith work.


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