Lineage and Forefathers

Heaven on Earth - the Prophetic chamber wherein rest our beloved Prophet (salla Llahu 'alaihi wa sallam), and his lieutenants - Abu Bakr al-Siddiq and Umar al-Khattab - radiya Llahu anhuma.

Heaven on Earth – the Prophet’s chamber wherein rest our beloved Prophet (salla Llahu ‘alaihi wa sallam), and 2 of his erstwhile lieutenants – Abu Bakr ‘Abdullah as-Siddiq and Abu Hafs Umar al-Khattab – radiya Llahu anhuma.


Shaikh Thaika Shuaib hails from an illustrious family of saints and savants from the Arwi region (modern day South India and Sri Lanka) who trace their lineage back to our master, Amir al-Mu’minin Abu Bakr as-Siddiq (may Allah be well pleased with him). His noble lineage is as follows:

  1. Amir al-Mu’minin Sayyiduna Abu Bakr as-Siddiq, radiya Llahu anhu
  2. Sayyiduna ‘Abdur Rahmanradiya Llahu anhu
  3. Sayyiduna Raythamradiya Llahu anhu
  4. Sayyiduna Murrathradiya Llahu anhu
  5. Sayyiduna Kilabradiya Llahu anhu
  6. Sayyiduna Qusayyradiya Llahu anhu
  7. Sayyiduna ‘Abdu Munafradiya Llahu anhu
  8. Sayyiduna Hashimradiya Llahu anhu
  9. Sayyiduna ‘Abdul Azizradiya Llahu anhu
  10. Sayyiduna Shaikh Hasanradiya Llahu anhu
  11. Sayyiduna Muhammad al-Khiljiradiya Llahu anhu. (He migrated from Madina to Kayalpatnam in South India via Egypt in 232 AH / 846 AD. He built the Periya Khutba mosque and his tomb is in the graveyard therein. Another group from this clan entered India via Central Asia, and established the Khilji dynasty in the Delhi Sultanate.)
  12. Sayyiduna Shaikh Muhammad Khidrradiya Llahu anhu
  13. Sayyiduna Shaikh Shihabuddinradiya Llahu anhu
  14. Sayyiduna Shaikh Ahmad, radiya Llahu anhu
  15. Sayyiduna Shaikh Muhammad, radiya Llahu anhu
  16. Sayyiduna Shaikh Ahmad, radiya Llahu anhu
  17. Sayyiduna Shaikh ‘Ali Nainaradiya Llahu anhu
  18. Sayyiduna Shaikh ‘Ala’uddinradiya Llahu anhu
  19. Sayyiduna Shaikh Sadaq Maraikkayarradiya Llahu anhuu. (He was one of the 404 disciples [fuqara] of Sayyid Shahul Hamid al-Naguri, and an anointed deputy [khalifa]. He was the grandfather of Madihur Rasul Shaikh Sadaqatullah b. Sulaiman. He is reported to have killed the Portuguese Governor Manuel de Sousa Coutinho by throwing him overboard the ship he was in.)
  20. Sayyiduna Shaikh Ahmad, radiya Llahu anhu
  21. Sayyiduna Shaikh ‘Abdul Qadir Ibrahimradiya Llahu anhu
  22. Sayyiduna Shaikh Ahmad Sadaqaradiya Llahu anhu. (He is the maternal grandson of Madihur Rasul Shaikh Sadaqatullah)
  23. Sayyiduna Shaikh Miran, radiya Llahu anhu
  24. Sayyiduna Shaikh Ahmad Lebbai (Vellai Ahmad waliyu Llah), radiya Llahu anhu
  25. Sayyiduna Shaikh Sayyid Muhammad (Mappillai Lebbai Alim or Imam al-‘Arus), radiya Llahu anhu
    d. 5 Rajab 1316/19 Nov 1898
  26. Sayyiduna Shaikh Shahul Hamid (Jalwat Nayagam or Sahib al-Jalwa), radiya Llahu anhu
    d. 13 Dhu-l Qa’da 1339/19 Jul 1921
  27. Sayyiduna Shaikh Ahmad ‘Abdul Qadir (Periya Shaikh Nayagam), radiya Llahu anhu
    d. 13 Safar 1397/14 Feb 1976
  28. Sayyiduna Shaikh Dr Thaika Shuaib (Shaikh Nayagam), hafizahu Llahu
Jannat Al-Mu'alla

The historic graveyard of Makkah, Jannat al-Mu’alla, during the Ottoman period. Shaikh Dr Thaika Shuaib’s grandfather, Shaikh Shahul Hamid (Jalwat Nayagam), was buried here with state honours.


An ennobled family tree such as the above certainly has branches that bears equally tremendous fruits. His forefathers from the extended branches include the following illustrious saints, savants, and philanthropists:

  1. Shaikh Sulaiman [Kayalpatnam, Tamilnadu]
  2. Shaikh Ahmad [Manjakollai, Tamilnadu]
  3. Shaikh Shamsuddin [Kayalpatnam, Tamilnadu]
  4. Shaikh Sadaqatullah [Kilakarai, Tamilnadu]
  5. Shaikh Sam Shihabuddin [Kayalpatnam, Tamilnadu]
  6. Shaikh Salahuddin [Ervadi, Tamilnadu]
  7. Mufti Muhammad Lebbai [Palayamkottai, Tamilnadu]
  8. Shaikh Nuh [Poovar, Kerala]
  9. Shaikh Muhyiddin [Kilakarai, Tamilnadu]
  10. Shaikh Abu Bakr [Thondi, Tamilnadu]
  11. Shaikh Amirul ‘Ulama Sulaiman [Kayalpatnam, Tamilnadu]
  12. Shaikh Malikul ‘Ulama Sadaqa ath-Thani [Kayalpatnam, Tamilnadu]
  13. Periya Muthuvappa Nayagam [Kayalpatnam, Tamilnadu]
  14. Chinna Muthuvappa Nayagam [Kayalpatnam, Tamilnadu]
  15. Kadu Murittar Ahmad [Kayalpatnam, Tamilnadu]
  16. Shaikh ‘Abdul Qadir [Malacca, Malaysia]
  17. Shaikh ‘Umar [Kayalpatnam, Tamilnadu]
  18. Shaikh Jamal Muhammad [Kilakarai, Tamilnadu]
  19. Kattu Thaika Appa [Kayalpatnam, Tamilnadu]
  20. Shaikh Musa Lebbai [Kilakarai, Tamilnadu]
  21. Shaikh Makhdum Miran [Kilakarai, Tamilnadu]
  22. Shaikh Sayyid Muhammad [Trivancode, Kerala]
  23. Shaikh Thaika Sahib al-Qahiri ‘Abdul Qadir [Kayalpatnam, Tamilnadu]
  24. Shaikh Thaika Sahib al-Kirkari ‘Abdul Qadir [Kilakarai, Tamilnadu]
  25. Shaikh Sahib al-Khalwa ‘Abdul Qadir [Kilakarai, Tamilnadu]
  26. Shaikh Muhammad Lebbai [Mandrava, Sri Lanka]
  27. Shaikh Sultan ‘Abdul Qadir [Matale, Sri Lanka]
  28. Shaikh Palayam Habib Muhammad [Kalpitiya, Sri Lanka]
  29. Shaikh Muhammad Husain [Gintota, Sri Lanka]
  30. Shaikh Muhammad Sadaqatullah [Colombo, Sri Lanka]
  31. Shaikh Salih [Bhatkal, Karnataka]
  32. Shaikh Pallakku Waliyu Llah [Kilakarai, Tamilnadu]
The Arusiyya Saints

The 4 venerable Saints of Kilakarai buried at the Arusiyya Tekke: (R-L) Khalwat Nayagam, Thaika Sahib al-Kirkari, Periya Shaikh Nayagam, and Mappillai Lebbai Alim – may Allah be pleased with them all.

It goes without saying that his forefathers, since their arrival from the city of Madinah al-Munawwara via Cairo to Tamilnadu in 232 AH / 846 AD, have maintained the honourable tradition of rendering laudable social and religious service in South India and the wider region of South Asia. His children and grandchildren are certainly following in their marked footsteps.

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